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How is the Blur Stick?

I had never used Milk Makeup before I decided to try their Blur Stick. I read an article about it and immediately hopped on the website to purchase it. Always on the lookout for an amazing primer, this seemed like the perfect product to start with.

First, the packaging was simply fantastic. You feel so special opening it up-it’s like a gift to yourself. I only ordered the Blur Stick but received an eyeshadow sample and a sunshine skin tint sample plus these cool stickers!


Now, to the Blur Stick. This primer is neat. It basically blurs your imperfections and smoothes the skin for foundation. I applied it all over, then blended it out with a synthetic brush. My foundation has gone on flawlessly and I am pretty much in love.



Here is the finished product! After taking this I decided to compare all my primers…stay tuned for that blog.


Ummm…what’s up with my brow here. Someone needs a brow brush in her car!



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