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SiliSponge-Worth It?

After months of waiting, it FINALLY came! The Molly Cosmetics Silisponge had me so excited. I was pumped to get my hands on one. It was about 10 dollars but I think it is closer to 13 now. I ordered in early December and received it in early February. It is currently sold out on their website but you can get the round compact version. Just be prepared to wait.


Ignore my dry hands….this should give you a good idea of size.

I’ve used this for a couple of weeks so I could give a proper review. The first time I used my SiliSponge, I used way too much product. I use about 2 pumps of Too Faced Born This Way foundation so that’s what I started with. Big mistake. SiliSponge absorbs zero product so I just kept swirling pools of foundation around my face. After that, I broke out the Beauty Blender and fixed it.

The next day I used less product on the SiliSponge and it worked much better. I feel like the shape it great for getting foundation closer to your eyes and I only used 1 pump of foundation. Overall it blends out well but I like to take the Beauty Blender and blend everything out around the nose and eyes.

I would say the ideal amount of product for a full coverage with SiliSponge is about 3/4 of a pump. There is a learning curve if you are used to sponge products. My advice is…give it a few days and play with it a bit.

It is so easy to clean. I LOVE this feature. A little soap and water and it’s good to go. I hate that Beauty Blenders are so hard to clean.

I was hoping this would replace the Beauty Blender for me but that is not the case. I find the SiliSponge doesn’t give that smooth finish. So I have been using it to apply foundation so I use less but still need the Beauty Blender to blend and for concealer.

Overall, I like the SiliSponge. I am wasting much less product and I love that. Still working on finding my stride with it but it should last a while and hoping it will make my Beauty Blenders last longer too. I am not giving up my Beauty Blender anytime soon but this is a nice addition to my routine.




2 thoughts on “SiliSponge-Worth It?

  1. Yeasss girl, it’s impossible to get around the eyes with a brush… And it seems so easy to clean, but I’m with you-my beauty blender is my #1!!


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