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Mermaid Multipurpose Brush Set

I have seen tons of youtubers using the Artis Brushes! They look amazing but they are a little pricey (around 36-8o per brush). Don’t get me wrong, I love nice brushes and most of mine were in the 30ish range. I just don’t want to spend more than that.

A friend of mine got me these for Christmas and I was super excited to try them out. They are the Mermaid Multipurpose Brush Set on Amazon for $20-30. The brushes are not named so I will just refer to then as big or small.

For foundation (I used TooFaced Born This Way), I was not a fan. I found it to look a little splotchy and uneven. This may be because I do a super full coverage because my friend loved them for foundation. Though I did love using one with a BB cream on days I’m not doing full makeup.

Then, I tried one with my translucent powder and loved it! So I started trying it out with more products. I have always had a tough time getting my contour to look fabulous….I think everyone has had this problem from time to time. With the smaller brushes in this pack, it was SO easy! You can really get precise contour and then use a bigger brush head to blend. As a blender, these brushes  are amazing!

Overall, for the price these are great brushes. They are easy to use and look beautiful. I have liked mixing it up and trying some new brushes. As I’ve experimented more with them, I keep learning new things.


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