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Melt Cosmetics Gun Metal Stack

I started following Melt Cosmetics on Instagram before I ever purchased any thing from them. They have an amazing page with great art! I have stalked their Instagram for a while and finally purchased the Gun Metal Stack for $48.

I feel like this is the coolest way to do a palette. The colors magnetically stack on each other so you can mix in shades from other stacks and makes them convenient for travel. The Gun Metal Stack comes with 3 glitter shades and one matte.

Let’s talk about this packaging. It comes in a basic cardboard pack but when you open it there are all these neat lip looks. The shadow stack actually comes in a nice metal looking box. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a cool package.


This picture will give you a better idea of the colors in real life. I picked this stack because I love the dark grays and shimmers. It makes for a perfect smoky eye look and the colors are super creamy. Lesson learned though, a little goes a long way with these guys. Do not pack the brush with shadow. You only need a little and be sure to tap off the excess because you will get some fallout if there is too much product on the brush.

You also have the option to buy singles if there is a color you want to add to your stack. Singles are $17.

Overall, I am impressed with this product and need more stacks in my life! The packaging is innovative and steps away from your average every day palette.

This was a day time look I created only using the Gun Metal Stack. I’ve like playing with these colors. Let me know if you’ve ever tried Melt Cosmetics in the comments below.


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