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Young Living Products

You all know I am a sucker for a MLM product so I had to try Young Living! An old friend of mine, April, is selling their products. She did a little contest for Mother’s Day on Facebook. My mom won a diffuser and I won a Thieves Cleaner, KidScents Lavender Shampoo, and a Coconut-Lime Body Butter.

DSC_0344 Let’s start with the Thieves Household Cleaner. It has a great smell-almost like Christmas if that makes sense. I smell cinnamon and eucalyptus right off the bat. This is an ultra-concentrated cleaner so you want your own container to mix in, I used an old spray bottle and it worked great. As a cleaner it works well and smells delighful. I try to use more natural products with the kiddo and this fits the bill! DSC_0338

Next,  is the KidScents Shampoo in the Lavender scent. I absolutely adore Lavender and diffuse it pretty regularly so I was pumped to receive this! Lex loves it. He is into smells and has really enjoyed this product. I love the smell and it lathers nicely. My only recommendation is to use a small amount. I find if I get too much in his hair it can be a little difficult to rinse out.

DSC_0329It’s super dry in Denver so I am always looking for a good body butter. April sent the Coconut-Lime scent and it smell like summer. It is a hard butter but when you apply it to your skin it melts into it. Pretty cool, right? It does get slightly greasy so just give it a bit to dry because the moisturizing factor of this product is worth it!

Overall, I really liked all the products I tried! You do have to order online through April on the Young Living website with the enroller/sponsor number 11023768. The essential oils are great too but I am planning another post on that in the future.


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