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Tarte Haul

Sorry I have been absent lately. I started a new job and have been crazy busy. Things have finally settled down and I can get back to sharing with you. My birthday was in March and I got a few new things. Today though, I am here to talk about my Tarte haul and the unicorn brushes.

First, the Unicorn Brushes are amazing. You get 2 eye brushes and 3 face brushes. I am obsessed with the eye brushes. Not only do they look cool but they work great too. I feel so magical applying my eyeshadow in the morning. The face brushes are just as good and that contour brush works wonders. It makes it so easy to contour and puts the color exactly where you want it.

Next up, their Rose Gold Glitter Liner. This is simply beautiful. I wore it on Saturday to a birthday party and got so many compliments. I tried it with a darker shadow base and didn’t love it-the glitter kind of got lost with the smokey eye. So I did some matte shadows and kept everything pretty neutral so the glitter popped.

Finally, Shape Tape-this product has gotten a ton of press and was hard to get when it first came out. It totally lives up to the hype. I am in love with this for under eyes and highlighting. I get it in a color a little lighter than my skin tone and it brightens up my eye area beautifully.

I can’t end this without talking about the package my products came in. Unicorn tissue paper!! Can I buy some of that please? It’s gorgeous!



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