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So Many Questions About Paw Patrol

As you all know, I have a 2 year old. I waited a long time to let him watch TV and now he typically just gets a show or 2 in the mornings while I am getting him ready. Right now it’s all about Paw Patrol and I have so many questions!

  1. Who funds the Paw Patrol? They have a bus, a lookout, a plane, everyone has their own car….where did it all come from?
  2. Where are Ryder’s parents? He can’t be older than 10 and how did he get put in charge of the safety of Adventure Bay? Why isn’t he in school?
  3. How did the Paw Patrol learn to talk, drive, and operate heavy machinery?
  4. Why do the adults call the Paw Patrol when there isn’t really a problem or they could easily fix it on their own? Seriously…this morning they called the Paw Patrol because there weren’t enough people in the talent show.
  5. Where did all the expensive gadgets come from? Did Ryder create them?
  6. What’s with Robodog? Who programmed him to fly planes and drives buses?
  7. Why can the Paw Patrol talk but none of the other animals can?
  8. Why does Mayor Goodway sound so panicked over the smallest issue?
  9. Why do Mayor Humdinger’s cats dress like the Paw Patrol?
  10. Lastly, why are all the theme songs so damn catchy?? I find my self singing the Paw Patrol theme song all the time!




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