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The Original Chubby Mermaid Brush

This is the Original Chubby Mermaid Brush. Pretty sweet right? I saw this brush when it started to go viral and had to have it. I’m kind of into fun brushes right now. It makes putting on your makeup more fun than it already is.

Basically I followed the link and ordered immediately. Super easy ordering process and actually shipped pretty quickly. They also added in a liquid lipstick for free, which is a nice touch. Make sure to order from their website-there are a lot of dupes that are not the same level of quality.


The company is Mermaid Salon and based in Australia. They are creating all kinds of new fun stuff everyday. Their Instagram is full of colors and variations on this original as well as innovative new items they are working on.

So, how did I like using it? I really liked the brush, the bristles are soft and there are a lot of them. It makes applying foundation really easy and the way the bristles are rounded make it easy to get into the nooks and crannies of your face!

Overall, this product holds up to the hype. And it’s gorgeous. Can we please talk about the rainbow packaging on the liquid lipstick-BEAUTIFUL! And check out that tube…magical! Here I am with it on…guess how many selfies it took for me to get one I liked.




4 thoughts on “The Original Chubby Mermaid Brush

  1. How much was the brush!? I’ve been wanting one forever, but my beauty blender is my bestie! Do you use it more than your bb?? Love the blog prerty, keep em’ coming!!!


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