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Green Chef Review

I gave in an finally tried one of the meal delivery services! Could it be that easy to make a yummy meal at home? I cook every night but sometimes they are not the most glamourous of meals! I buy organic and try to cook as healthy as possible but sometimes work and life get in the way.

My thought on this service is that I don’t have to think about it-it’s already portioned and all I have to do is clean and cut veggies while following carefully laid out instructions. I picked Green Chef because they use organic ingredients and are based out of Colorado!

I got my box on Thursday and it was packaged beautifully. The food was wrapped with compostable insulation and ice packs (that can totally be reused). All the meals were color coded!



My meals were Sumac Steak, Red Lentil Burger, and Chicken Veggie Bowl. My husband was totally skeptical on this but I was excited to get cooking!

Sumac Steak-30 minutes to with veggies and rice as sides. I thought this would be my favorite but the steak was tough. Everything else was amazing. Great flavor on the veggies and the instructions made it all so simple.

Red Lentil Burger-40 minutes to make  with kale chips for the side. My husband loved the kale chips and the burger was delicious.

Chicken Veggie Bowl-30 minutes to make and was by far our favorite! It was all in one bowl and totally yummy!

You can get orders every week or skip weeks when you want. Which is great-I am getting another this week but may skip here and there. It was nice to know that dinner was there every night with very little thought. It also gets me out of my comfort zone a little and I am learning to cook some new things.

It does cost around  $80 per week for the 2 person omnivore package. Which is less than eating out but more than the grocery store. For the convenience it was totally worth it for me. Mine comes on Thursday and I like to spend time with Lex over the weekend so this took the guesswork out of weekend dinner. There was enough food to feed Mike and I both plus plenty for Lex. The link is below!




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