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Why is Girl’s Night Important?

This weekend I had some friends invite me over for a girl’s night. Movies, food, and good company sounded great. Don’t get me wrong, I hang out with friends all the time-we just always have kids with us. So it’s a little different to hang out with just the ladies.

I don’t do this enough-I will be the first to admit it. It’s hard to motivate myself to get out after the events of the day. I can come up with a million excuses-tired, lazy (I think we’ve talked before about my inability to do things past 8pm), guilt (for leaving Mike with bedtime). I will mention this is my guilt, he doesn’t mind doing bedtime at all. Whatever the reason, when you are a mom it is easy to bail on these after hours events.

DON’T DO IT! Get out there! Go to the girl’s night. You might be a little more tired the next day but you’re figurative cup will be full! I came home knowing that my night out was good for my soul. I felt refreshed, renewed, and more motivated going into the work week than I have in a long time.

We laughed, cried, enjoyed amazing food and spending time with each other. It gave me the chance to connect with before kids Bailey. I love the Bailey I am with Lex. He is the joy of my life but sometimes momma needs a little break!

We forgot to take a picture because we were having so much fun but I am including a picture of the yummy brownie dip I made. Enjoy your Girl’s Night!


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