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On New Year’s Eve, we went out with some friends for dinner. It was great to have my mom in town so we could get out for a couple of hours. At dinner, we had so much fun but found ourselves talking about mortgage brokers, work and our kiddos. This got me thinking-I am really an adult now and there is no denying it! I feel the same but as you are about to find out-I have come a long way in the last 8 years.

Me at 23-Stayed up till midnight during the week and woke up at 7!  On weekends I stayed out till 2-3am and peeled myself out of bed at noon!

Me at 31-Asleep at 10 and up at 6 on weekdays. On weekends I may stay up till 11 but still up at 6…if not 5:30am! My 2 year old boss wakes up early everyday of the week.

Me at 23-Traveled on a moment’s notice with little planning. I traveled all the time with a carry on only!

Me at 31-Travel with a toddler after months of planning and I always have to check a bag! I am the insane person at the airport with a wearing a toddler, with my carry-on in the car seat I am pulling behind me. It’s difficult to get it all on the plane. I will say though-once we settle in Lex travels well!

Me at 23-Clean and tidy! My apartment was always spotless and everything had to be in place. Bed was always made!

Me at 31-Clean what?? Focus areas are bathroom and kitchen-those get spot cleaned daily and cleaned weekly. Everything else-clean when people are showing up! That’s a little bit of an exaggeration but I don’t like to spend the whole weekend cleaning. I want to relax and spend time with my kiddo!

Me at 23-Fridge: diet cokes and creamer. Freezer-Lean Cuisines. I ate out all the time and never kept food in the house. Breakfast? What breakfast-cigarettes and coffee were breakfast! Seriously-Diet Cokes all the time-we are talking an unhealthy amount…close to 6 per day (check out the pic at the top-that was me living off Diet Coke)!

Me at 31-Fridge is fully stocked with fresh fruit and veggies! I make a green smoothie every morning and cook dinner every night! I still can’t believe I learned to cook. I even host brunches and holidays in my home! Who knew?? And I quit smoking…Yay me!

Me at 23-After work, I would meet friends for dinner and drinks. I rarely was home to even watch TV!

Met at 31-Get home from work, make dinner, clean up dinner, bathe toddler, and bedtime. After Lex goes to bed at 8, I only have the energy to drink a glass of wine and watch Grey’s Anatomy.

Me at 23-I am sad to say I had no idea what was going on in the world! I never watched the news.

Met at 31-We watch the local and national news nightly. My son even knows Lester Holt by name and he loves the theme music for our local news! Check out The sweetest birthday surprise where Lex got to be meet his favorite news man!

Overall, life is different now but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love cooking, brunches, playdates, and having fun with my toddler!







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