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Ninja First Impressions

Lex and I make a green smoothie every morning. When we first started I bought a cheap blender because I wasn’t sure if I would maintain the habit. It’s been a few years now and that blender is starting to bite the dust. I have to add a ton of liquid and still it struggled to blend the frozen fruits and veggies. I had talked about getting a Ninja Blender but was always thrown off by the dollar amount-is a blender really worth that much??

The answer is yes! This blender makes the smoothest and creamiest smoothies we have ever had. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. Mine came with the individual cups and the big blender. So you can make an individual smoothie or a big batch. I watched the sales after Christmas and got it. It’s been a few days and I am in love!

My basic smoothie recipe (I don’t measure-I just eyeball it)

Almond Milk, Spinach or Power Greens, Hemp Seeds, Fresh Ginger, Cinnamon, Half an Avocado, Mixed Fruit, and a smidge of honey


One thought on “Ninja First Impressions

  1. Something I love doing in smoothies is frozen fruit. I buy whole pineapples and mangoes, cut them up, blend them, and then put them in ice cube trays. So i can just put a couple in the smoothie mix for some extra frozen-ness and yummy-ness. Love the Ninja!


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