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Function of Beauty: Customizable Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I recently read an article about customizable shampoo and conditioner. Function of Beauty is behind this genius idea. I immediately went to the website to see what it was all about.

First you build your hair profile-mine was straight, fine, & oily. Then, it asks for your hair goals-you can pick five. After that, you pick you color and fragrance. I picked purple shampoo and green conditioner with a strong essential oils scent (there are other scents to choose from). Lastly, you pick the size and your customized products are on their way. I did 16oz shampoo & conditioner and it was $42. It was a fun process!

After two weeks of using it I love it. It lathers nicely but not as much as my normal shampoo and I need a couple of pumps of conditioner. I’m using twice as much conditioner than shampoo. That being said-I would order the 8oz shampoo and a 16oz conditioner next time. This could totally just be the case for my formula or because my hair is a little long at the moment.

I can tell my hair is much less oily which is great and I love the scent. I loving this exciting way to customize my haircare! It makes me feel special. Their link is below!



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