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Trying LimeLight by Alcone

I have a friend who started selling LimeLight by Alcone. She asked for people to review her products and I had to try it! Katie sent me a few skincare samples so I will list the products below and what I thought.

I used these over the weekend when I had some texture on my skin and redness. On the package it says these are paraben free, non-comedogenic, and do not test on animals. Overall I liked most of what I tried and might try out full sizes when I run through my current skincare. The price points are moderate and comparable to what I normally spend on skincare.

Must Dew Palmarose & Sunflower face Oil-I was most skeptical about this one. This was the first face oil I have ever tried and was by far my favorite product in the bunch. I live at a higher altitude and my skin gets dry! It helped so much with dryness and was great on it’s own without a moisturizer. I did try it with and without moisturizer and liked it better without. I would only used this at night as it takes some time to absorb into the skin.

Dream Clean Aloe & Soapberry Face Wash-This was a lightweight easy to use face wash. It gives a nice, light foam. My skin can be a little sensitive sometimes and I don’t like heavy scents. This totally fit the bill. It was gentle on the skin and doesn’t dry you out.

Masque of Zen Lemon Peel & Cypress Face Mask-I love a good weekly face mask. This one has a good exfoliating factor to it. I would recommend you apply quickly as this dries very quickly. After 20 minutes I rinsed with warm water and my skin felt nice and smooth. I followed it up with the face oil and the next morning my texture and redness had calmed down tremendously.

Calm Balm Aloe & Kendi Oil Face Balm-This was my least favorite. It was a little thin for me and I wanted to add a heavier moisturizer on top. A little goes a long way because of the light texture of the moisturizer and I used way too much the first time. It had a light scent and would probably work better for someone that doesn’t live in such a dry climate.






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