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Toddler’s First Haircut

I took Lex to get his first haircut this weekend. I booked his appointment with Rosalee, the stylist that also does my hair. She normally only does adult hair but made an exception for my Lex!  I was fearful to take his just anywhere, as we all have seen those terrible, blunt-cut kid’s haircuts.

This was so hard for me-I probably would have let it grow out until he could tell me otherwise. His hair was in his eyes and it needed to be done.

Overall he did great. It took awhile as his hair was pretty long so I brought Mickey and a sucker along as back up. Lex rarely gets candy so this kept him still long enough for Rose to work her magic. It looks great but I miss those long locks. If you are in Denver, check out Rosalee’s salon.

Before and after

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