Birthday · Toddler

The sweetest birthday surprise

Lex loves watching the local 6 o’clock news here. I know….totally strange. He runs towards the television yelling “Kyle” and dancing to the theme music! Seriously the cutest! He acts as if Kyle (the anchor) is someone he actually knows. It is a little different than your everyday news. The show is really active on social media and provides different perspectives than a regular news program. I’ve sent in a few videos of Lex dancing via Twitter and they have shown them on air! But for his birthday yesterday, they had him on the show. He was dancing in the waiting room and so excited to meet Kyle. On air, he got a little shy. He wasn’t quite sure what to do once Kyle was real and standing right beside him. It was so nice of them to have Lex on and it really made his birthday special.


My little guy is getting so big…where did the last two years go?



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