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What I did with all those baby clothes

Those who know me well know I can’t resist holidays or a theme. Since before Lex was born his theme has been mustaches. I have bought every article of clothing I could find for him with mustaches. I have also dressed him in holiday clothes to the extreme.

Seriously, I may have a problem-8 days of Halloween, 4 days of Thanksgiving, and 21 Days of Christmas. Plus St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day and 4th of July! I get so excited about holidays and I just go a little overboard dressing Lex in theme! After ┬áthe holidays passed and he outgrew everything.

I saved all the clothes because I was so attached to all of them. I thought early on about a quilt but didn’t have anyone to make it. I started calling quilt shops in the area and found Heidi. I dropped off the clothes to her months ago and today I picked up the finished product!

The final product!

She rolled it out for me and I got tears in my eyes! It’s exactly what I wanted and more. Each piece has a story and I remember exactly what we were doing when he wore each piece. It reminds me of the family and friends and his first year and all his first holidays. Heidi did such a fantastic job piecing everything together.

This quilt tells the beginning of my little man’s story. This will be perfect for him to snuggle under and for me to tell him about each part of his first year! He will be able to keep this for years to come and I am so happy I did this!

Lex loves it! I am so glad we have such a great keepsake for him.


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